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Filco simplex strainers are generally of two types i.e. Inline and Offline elements of simplex strainers can be of basket type or cartridge type.

Filco Duplex strainers are specially used where non-interruption of flow is required. The casing/body is made for two parts with 2 nos. 3 way valve or 4 nos, Butterfly valve for maximum utility.

Filco Self cleaning filter operate on edge filtration (down to 50 micron) principle, no replacement of element is needed. Filco self cleaning filters are basically of manual and automatic type. In manual type, a handle is fitted on the top, which has to be manually rotated to clean the elements. In automatic type, rotating is done by motor itself to clean the element. Self cleaning filter is suitable for any type of viscous liquid at constant pressure drop and continuous operation. Typical applications are lube oil, hydraulic oil, other petroleum oil, coolant fluid, water/oil-emulsion, propylene, etc.

Filco Magnetic candle filter is made of eliminated iron from any kind of liquid up to

1. 700-1000 gms per candle.
2. Connection size: 25 NB to 500 NB.
3. Micron Rating: 10 to 1500 micron.
4. Pressure: 3 kg/cm2 – 300 kg/cm2.

Filco Strainers Casing/Body/Material Used: It is made of MS, SS as per IS, ASME or casting to withstand high pressure. These elements are generally made from O-wire mesh of SS 304, SS 316, brass, etc as per application. Apart from it, we manufacture different types of strainers like Y-Type, T-Type, Conical Type, Disc Type, Wedge Wire Type Strainers and Filters that include Hydraulic Oil Filters, LUB Oil Filters, Fuel Oil Filters, etc according to clients' requirements.