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Dust Collection System

Filco manufacture and supply a variety of Dust Collection System that consists of dust collection hopper with baffle plate or drop out section, filter chamber, clean gas exhaust chamber, and cleaning device. The dust laden air enters through inlet of the hopper, where baffle plate or drop out section acts as a pre-collector helping the coarse dust to fall down into the hopper. Also, it helps air to reduce its velocity with equivalent distribution throughout the filter chamber then the air passes through bag filter, cage, venturi and the dust adhere to the bag filter and clean air passed out from the clean chamber that consists of blast pipe, D.P. switch and accessories. Solenoid valves generate the pulsing of 6-7 kg/cm2 pressure to clean the bag filter which is being actuated by sequential timer/d.p. switch. Pulsing creates the dedusting of bag filter and all the dust is being accumulated in the hopper and goes out by rotary air lock valve.

Our talented team of professionals gives additional attention to the section bag filter fabric keeping in mind the type and in all dust, dust load, temperature of gas, emission level, etc. Polyester needle felt is used for normal application and aramide needle felt for high temperature.


1.Lower emission levels
2. Less than 50 mg/m3
3. Simple supervision
4. Maintenance free control of cleaning system
5. Improved dust discharge system
6. Improved compressed air
7. Long lasting of bag filter